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What’s Happening with SharePoint Workflows?

Microsoft's Big Announcement on 07/06/2020 Chris McNulty posted an article about the end of life for SharePoint 2010 Workflows in Microsoft 365. My first thought ...
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Agile User Story Splitting by Data Variations and Boundaries

Data is another great way to approach splitting User Stories. Variations in data would be something like different options for language or location. Stories based ...
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Agile User Story Splitting by Device, Platform, and Channel

As I think we all know by now, there are countless possible combinations of devices, platforms, and channels that we could end up designing ...
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How to (and not to) Manage Group Permissions in SharePoint Online

There are many ways to manage permissions in SharePoint Online. Today, we’ll walk through three scenarios for controlling permission with groups in SharePoint Online. I’ll be ...
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Agile User Story Splitting by Business Rules

Before I dig into this story splitting technique, let me give you a quick primer on what a Business Rule is. According to the ...
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Agile User Story Splitting by Acceptance Criteria & Test Cases

As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs in this series, when you are writing Acceptance Criteria for a User Story and the list keeps ...
Microsoft Teams on mobile

The Project Manager’s Guide to Microsoft Teams

In this guide, I'll walk through using Microsoft Teams as a Project Manager and explain how you can: Quickly create new projects with default documents and ...
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Best Practices for Creating and Managing Teams in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows individuals and groups to self-organize using Teams and Channels. Teams are collections of people, content, and tools surrounding different projects and groups ...
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Zoom vs. Teams: 5 Security Benefits of Microsoft Teams

As companies look for ways to keep their employees productive during this pandemic, collaboration tools have become the main focus. These tools are providing ...
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What is a SharePoint Site Index? (And Why You Should Do One)

Lately, clients have been asking about SharePoint site indexes more and more, so we wrote this blog to help explain what a site index is and ...
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How to Effectively Manage Your Team with Microsoft Teams

As a leader of a team or group of individuals, it’s your role to inspire and motivate your team to accomplish their goals for ...
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Working Out in the Open with Microsoft Teams

One of the many interesting ideas sparked by using a collaboration tool like Microsoft Teams is the idea of "working out in the open". That's how ...

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