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Golden gate bridge

Power BI Governance: Data Gateway Management

In previous blogs in this series, I’ve covered Power BI governance topics that are useful for most organizations but implementing a data gateway is only needed ...
Typing on laptop

Agile User Story Splitting by Dummy-Real and Static-Dynamic Data

Dummy Data then Real Data If getting real data is slowing you down, you can split your stories along the line of fake (also ...
Data report designs

Power BI Governance: Report Design Strategy

After you have your dataset and workspace delivery strategies established, it’s a good time to focus on creating reusable, consistently branded, and well laid-out ...
Gold flowers

Agile User Story Splitting by Bronze-Plated vs Gold-Plated

Simplest Possible Solution vs Complicated (but better) Solution Let’s say you have a feature that you’re developing, and there’s a field necessary to capture a ...
Low Code Development

Scoundrels! Rascals! Facing Challenges of Low-Code Development

Low-code application development is not new. As early as the 1990’s, Microsoft Access was used by non-IT developers to build business applications. Employees who ...
Splitting iceberg

Agile User Story Splitting by Non-Functional Requirements

In case you’re unfamiliar with Non-Functional Requirements, let me provide you with the definition from the BABOK®:“A type of requirement that describes the performance ...
Power BI Content

Power BI Governance: Sharing and Deploying Power BI Content

In my previous blog in this series, I reviewed some Power BI delivery strategy options and how they might inform your licensing choice. We also ...
Spikes on Cactus

Agile User Story Splitting by Spikes & Simple to Complex

Spikes What is a Spike, you ask? Well, spikes may happen when you realize you don’t have enough information to move forward with the ...
Power BI reports

Power BI Governance: Delivery Strategy and Licensing

This blog series will give you a high-level checklist of things to consider then forming your future Power BI strategy. Following it will help ...
Data Protection

6 Practical Data Protection Features in SQL Server (Pros & Cons)

We have a moral (and oftentimes legal) responsibility to build software and data solutions that can properly protect our client’s confidential data because it can be detrimental to ...
Mountains and stream

What Microsoft 365 Form Options Should You Use? (Pros and Cons)

Clients often ask, "Can I make a digital form in SharePoint or the Microsoft 365 ecosystem?" The answer is almost always, “Yes”. Then they ask, "Can ...
Water flow

How Does Project Oakdale Impact SharePoint and M365 Solutions?

On Tuesday, July 21st, 2020, Microsoft announced their release of Dataflex (now named Project Oakdale). If you have been leveraging SharePoint lists as a ...

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