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Git stickers on laptop

Git Overview + Branching and Merging Strategies

In this blog, Bob Charapata and Cory Cundy simplify Git’s workflow to help reduce its complexity for your team. Our data consultants use Git ...
Writing user stories

Agile User Story Splitting – Vague Words + MVP to Enhanced

User Story Splitting - Vague, General, or Generic Words Another great way to approach splitting User Stories is by watching for vague, general, or generic ...
Executive meeting

Executive Playbook for Getting Started with DevOps

You have probably heard about DevOps. You have likely heard about the companies who can release software changes to production hundreds of times per day ...
Risk management meeting

Viewing Application Security from a Risk Perspective

In the world of custom application development, it can be challenging to compare security safeguards and value-enhancing business functionality when prioritizing a backlog. Though the ...
Error handling crashed boat

Agile User Story Splitting by Error Handling & Logic + Interface Variations

User Story Splitting - Error Handling and Logic This is yet another great approach to splitting user stories. Things can always go wrong, but ...
Major team effort rowing boat

Agile User Story Splitting by Split Conditions + Major Effort

User Story Splitting – Split Conditions This technique for splitting stories looks for conditional logic or words that combine conditions, such as “and”, “then”, ...
Power BI strategy meeting

Power BI Governance: Refining and Maintaining Your Power BI Strategy

Sharing content, report design, workspace and app setup are all vital to effective Power BI Governance (and have been covered in detail in this series). ...
Stream down mountains

Funding a Value Stream vs. a Project

Most businesses fund initiatives on an annual basis and then use large projects to allocate those funds. A project is funded until completion, and ...
Writing user stories

Agile User Story Splitting by Manual vs Automated + Zero-One-Many

User Story Splitting – Manual vs Automated Another option for splitting stories is by breaking out manual processes vs automated. If a process can ...
Golden gate bridge

Power BI Governance: Data Gateway Management

In previous blogs in this series, I’ve covered Power BI governance topics that are useful for most organizations but implementing a data gateway is only needed ...
Typing on laptop

Agile User Story Splitting by Dummy-Real and Static-Dynamic Data

Dummy Data then Real Data If getting real data is slowing you down, you can split your stories along the line of fake (also ...
Data report designs

Power BI Governance: Report Design Strategy

After you have your dataset and workspace delivery strategies established, it’s a good time to focus on creating reusable, consistently branded, and well laid-out ...

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