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CLR Functions in SQL Server – A Tutorial

In this tutorial we will use Visual Studio 2010 and SQL Server 2012 to create a simple Common Language Runtime (CLR) Split function – written in C#.

How To Deliver Your Project On Time and Within Budget

These 5 project success factors and specific real-life applications will increase your chances of delivering a project on-time and within budget.

End User Development: Asset or Liability?

Remembering these points can enable End User Development to be a valuable asset for your organization rather than having it become an ever-increasing liability.

An Exercise in Excel’s Cube Functions

Excel Pivot tables are a great way to view and analyze cube data in an ad-hoc nature and also satisfy simple reporting requirements.

5 Tips for Getting Your IIBA CBAP / CCBA Application Approved the First Time

If you're interested in getting your CBAP certification from the IIBA, then you need to review these tips that will help you along the way.

The Value of a Business Analyst to a Project Team

You can add value and decrease the total cost of projects by adding BAs to project teams. This will improve project success and increase your ROI.