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Managing Team Capacity

Getting Started with Azure DevOps – Team Setup & Managing Capacity

Once you have picked a process template, decided to use area paths, and set up your sprints and schedule, then it’s time to set up your team and their capacity.
Power BI report features

Power BI’s Latest Features and How to Use Them

In this regularly updated blog, we highlight key features from our monthly Power BI Office Hours so you know how to capitalize on Power BI’s latest features.
Agile Sprints

Getting Started with Azure DevOps – Sprints

Once you've chosen your process template and area paths, it's time to set up your sprints! See how to create them, name them, and share them with your team.
App Repository

How to Build an Android App Repository

Repositories are a great way to set up a single access point to your database without making the rest of your Android app care about your data storage strategy.
Getting started

Getting Started with Azure DevOps – Area Paths Tips

Most business analysts aren't even aware that the Area Path feature exists within Azure DevOps. Here's what it is and how it can be used.
Closeup of globe

Getting Started with Azure DevOps – Template Tips

Azure DevOps includes 4 basic Process/System Templates to choose from. This is one of the first steps in setting up your system. But which one is right for you?
Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing – What It Is, The Types, and When to Do It

Pen testing is short for penetration testing. This simulation of real-world security attacks can find and report on your security and privacy vulnerabilities.
CEO Year Review

A Year in Review: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

Core BTS Chief Executive Officer, Paul Lidsky, reflects on his first year as CEO and the expansion of the Core BTS brand.
Data Scientists

How to Find, Train, and Empower Citizen Data Scientists

Citizen data scientists help fill the gap in data talent - giving businesses the data talent so sorely needed to use AI and ML to solve business problems.
Marketing team

Is Marketing a Tax for a Poor Product?

Jeff Crow, Chief Marketing Officer at Core BTS, explains why it is important to showcase what makes Core BTS different and unique.
Remote employee on video call

Why BAs Must Carefully Consider Authentication and Authorization

Learn what these non-functional requirements mean and why Business Analysts need to carefully consider them when leading their teams’ development efforts.
software testing

Why I Stopped Testing My Code (and You Should Too)

Here are 10 silly excuses I've used or heard for reasons to not write repeatable tests for one's own code. It's a great reminder to just write the tests.

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