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Cybersecurity Myth Busted: Security is the Final Goal

When you think about your security programs, do you think of security as the final goal? If so, we debunk three claims we often hear to justify that stance.

Getting Started with Azure DevOps – Team Setup & Managing Capacity

Once you have picked a process template, decided to use area paths, and set up your sprints and schedule, then it’s time to set up your team and their capacity.

Power BI’s Latest Features and How to Use Them

In this regularly updated blog, we highlight key features from our monthly Power BI Office Hours so you know how to capitalize on Power BI’s latest features.

Getting Started with Azure DevOps – Sprints

Once you've chosen your process template and area paths, it's time to set up your sprints! See how to create them, name them, and share them with your team.

How to Build an Android App Repository

Repositories are a great way to set up a single access point to your database without making the rest of your Android app care about your data storage strategy.

Getting Started with Azure DevOps – Area Paths Tips

Most business analysts aren't even aware that the Area Path feature exists within Azure DevOps. Here's what it is and how it can be used.