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Overview of an Agile ERP Project

Applying Scrum to an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) project which touches almost every area in a company can be a daunting task at first ...
dan lorenz blog

ASP.NET MVC 4: Changing the Maximum Upload and Download JSON Sizes

With the creation of ASP.NET MVC, making AJAX calls is now easier than ever. The only problem is that Microsoft imposed a hard limit on ...
blog cory cundy

The Value of an ETL Framework

A data warehouse project consists of a number of core parts that need to be put in place to get good analytics reporting for ...
blog chris miller

CLR Functions in SQL Server – A Tutorial

Introduction In every version of SQL Server since SQL Server 2005, the ability to write stored procedures and functions in languages besides T-SQL has been present. ...
blog feature brian laehn

How To Deliver Your Project On Time and Within Budget

(Updated 10/20/17) Approximately two-thirds of all projects fail to meet their objectives, are not delivered on time, or cost more money than the budget ...
kurt wondra blog

End User Development: Asset or Liability?

End User Development (EUD) can be a valuable asset in a given organization while also being one of its most significant liabilities. The idea ...
blog adam widi

An Exercise in Excel’s Cube Functions

Excel Pivot tables are a great way to view and analyze cube data in an ad-hoc nature and also satisfy simple reporting requirements. Once ...
blog feature strategic services

5 Tips for Getting Your IIBA CBAP / CCBA Application Approved the First Time

​I’ve been contemplating obtaining my CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) certification from the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) for a while and finally ...
blog feature brian laehn

The Value of a Business Analyst to a Project Team

The Role of a Business Analyst on a Project Team The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) describes a Business Analyst (BA) as: “a liaison among ...
core blog

What is a SharePoint Administrator?

[Updated 05/04/21] The role of the SharePoint Administrator is often a topic that comes up when beginning to plan out a SharePoint implementation, as it should. ...
steve nelson blog

Managing Web.Config Settings For Multiple Environments

Configuration plays an important part of any .NET application. Each application typically contains many settings that are controlled in the application configuration file. Some ...

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