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Fuzzy Lookup in SSIS: A Simple Approach to Resolving Complex Data Quality Problems

Have you ever had a data accuracy issue? A situation where you have to build complex logic to compare data between two systems because ...
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Documenting WebAPI Using Swagger

Introduction Documentation. We all know it’s necessary and that it makes our lives easier when we have it, but it’s also the last item on ...
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Scrum Team Analogy

The project management “Scrum” term is an analogy to a rugby term where the players get into a close-knit, heads-down formation in an effort ...
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10 Traits of Agile Organizations

Are there characteristics of an organization that can help it become a truly great (agile) company? The agile consulting and training company formerly known ...
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Viewing Application Roles from Azure Active Directory

If you have used the Azure Active Directory service in your application, then you have probably realized that it lacks the ability to see ...
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BA Techniques in BABOK v3: Prioritization

One of my colleagues wrote some great blogs on new business analysis techniques found in the IIBA’s BABOK® version 3.  I would like to continue the ...
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BABOK v3 Techniques: Collaborative Games

Who doesn’t love games? Well, maybe some of us grow out of it as we become adults, but I think that the kid in ...
blog rachael wilterdink

BABOK v3 Techniques: Business Model Canvas

OK. I’m going to be totally honest. Before version 3 of the BABOK®, I had never seen or heard of the Business Model Canvas. ...
blog rachael wilterdink

BABOK v3 Techniques: Balanced Scorecard

Another technique in the BABOK is the Balanced Scorecard. If you’re like me, you may have heard the term before, and perhaps you’ve seen ...
blog rachael wilterdink

BABOK v3 Techniques: Backlog Management

For anyone who has heard the buzzword “agile” over the past decade or so, the addition of the Backlog Management technique should not come ...
blog stacy velie

Adopting Sprint Themes to Foster Agile Team Building

[Updated 4/27/21] Each organization has their own implementation of an Agile methodology, generally adjusted to consider operational requirements and constraints inherent in their environment. ...
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Using the BACCM to Understand Business Analysis

In the recently-released BABOK® version 3, the IIBA introduces a concept called the Business Analysis Core Concept Model™ (BACCM™) which provides a useful framework ...

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