November 28, 2017

How to Poll Organizations in O365 to Find a Time on the Calendar

Post by: Dan Hoffmann

How much time do you waste trying to arrange meetings with people whose calendar is blocked or are outside your organization? Exactly – way too much, and the emails just clog your inbox. #FRUSTRATING

Now you can avoid wasting time and provide a better experience to those you are trying to meet with by using the simple “Polling” function within O365.

From your calendar view within O365, create a new event and click the “Polling” button as shown below:

Next, click “Add a time” and select several options that work with your calendar:

After you have finished adding times and including other pertinent data such as title and location, click send. 

Recipients outside of O365 and Outlook can also select their choices. I used my personal Gmail and Macmail as a test case. Here’s how that looks:

When people reply, you see what their preferences are in your inbox, as well as the invite in your calendar:

Once you have feedback from all parties, simply select the best time in your calendar. Polling will finalize the time with the other participant’s calendar and remove any time not selected. 

Special thanks to Chad Kittel at Trek for the tip.

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