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13 New Updates to Microsoft Teams | December 2023

This month, Microsoft Teams has released several new updates to chat, meetings, Copilot, and more. Learn how you can use them in your work.

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How Cloud Application Services Can Optimize Your Operations

Cloud services optimize operations, offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness. In this blog, we share some ways our CoreStratus offering can benefit your organization.

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reserved instances blog feature

How to Utilize Reserved Instances to Cut Cloud Costs

One way to reduce cloud costs is by utilizing reserved instances (RI). In this blog we explain what they are and how you can use them to cut your cloud costs.

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design patterns in healthcare software development feature

3 Design Patterns in Healthcare Software: A Recipe for Success

When we develop solutions for our clients, we use proven best practices called design patterns to create flexible, maintainable, and efficient software systems.

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New Microsoft Teams updates - November 2023

20 Updates to Microsoft Teams with M365 Copilot | November 2023

New Teams finally reached 100% feature parity with classic Microsoft Teams. Plus, Microsoft 365 Copilot is now integrated and available in Teams. See all the new features.

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journey of a data-driven organization blog feature

The Journey (and Value) of a Data-Driven Organization

Becoming a data-driven organization is crucial for digital innovation. It offers scalability, cost reduction, and improved user experiences that drive business growth.

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finops blog feature

What is FinOps and Why Does It Matter?

By following these steps, your organization can create a FinOps group that effectively manages its cloud costs and usage, promotes collaboration among teams, and ensures compliance and governance.

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data accessibility blog feature

The Power of Data Accessibility for Modern Businesses

Data accessibility is vital in today’s businesses, but varied data skills among team members can pose challenges. In this article, we explain how to build an accessible data culture.

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cio cloud cost optimization tips feature

What Every CIO Needs to Know About Cloud Cost Optimization

Here are 6 key things every CIO should know about cloud cost optimization to maximize the benefits of cloud computing while minimizing expenses.

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microsoft teams update october 2023

5 New Updates to Microsoft Teams | October 2023

This month, Microsoft Teams rolled out significant updates to meetings, collaboration, and video sharing. Here’s how they impact your tenant and daily work.

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legacy application modernization blog feature

Drive Business Growth with Legacy Application Modernization

Legacy application modernization is crucial for digital innovation. It offers scalability, cost reduction, and improved user experiences that drive business growth.

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Microsoft Office 2013 End-of-Support blog feature

Microsoft Office End-of-Support Risks, Options & Next Steps

If you’re using Microsoft Office, then it’s likely you have a version that will soon meet end of support – leaving your data vulnerable to security threats.

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