8 New Updates to Microsoft Teams | November 2022

By: Karen Dredske | November 8, 2022

This month we are going to catch up on what’s new in Teams since our last update. Rather than review planned updates, we are instead highlighting General Availability features that have arrived in Microsoft Teams and how they benefit your day-to-day work.

1. Chat with Self

Have you ever wanted to make a note you don’t want to forget? Now you can leave yourself a note, send yourself a link, or attach a file to review later by sending yourself a chat message. You can pin yourself at the top of your chat list as well as use many of the chat features like “pinning” a chat item to the top of the chat window so that it is always on top.  

2. New Poll Types Added for Greater Engagement

Add a poll to a meeting with just a couple of clicks as an Ice Breaker, a way to get anonymized input, or to follow up at the end of a meeting to see if it was well received. Adding the Poll app to a meeting in Teams gives you more options and now includes a Rating option.

Polls can be set up in advance and launched during a meeting or created and launched ad hoc during it. When you add the Polls app to a meeting, it provides several templates that you can click to add to your meeting.

3. Pre-assign Channel Members to Breakout Rooms for Meetings

You can now create your breakout rooms in meetings and pre-assign invited attendees in advance of the meeting. The maximum number of attendees this will work with is 300.

4. Cameo in PowerPoint Live

When you use PowerPoint Live during a meeting, your camera feed is integrated directly into your presentation when you present with Cameo. The Cameo feature is added directly to your PowerPoint presentation slides for where you would like your video feed to display. Then, while presenting in a Teams meeting, your video feed will appear in those positions.

5. Real-time Transcripts for Department of Defense (DoD)

DoD tenants with Microsoft Teams now support real-time transcripts of meetings just like enterprise licenses. Transcripts can be configured to begin immediately when the meeting starts.

6. Leave a Meeting on All Devices

Now when you join a meeting using more than one device, you can leave the meeting with all devices at the same time by selecting from the drop-down arrow on the Leave button.

7. Together Mode for Everyone in a Meeting

As a meeting organizer, you can now ensure that all attendees experience the same view. Being able to assign attendees to specific seat locations will be especially helpful for anyone in education.

8. Suggested Replies in Group Chat

Suggested replies have been available in one-on-one chat for a while. Group chats now uses Artificial Intelligence to suggest replies to messages in group chat. You should see auto-generated responses appear that you can select with a click.

Microsoft Ignite Teams Announcements

The biggest announcement at Microsoft Ignite was about the new Teams Premium licensing that is expected to be in Preview in December. Teams Premium will reorganize conversations displaying posts at the top of the page, allow conversations to be popped out into a separate window, include additional post types, allow for customized channel headers, add another layer to meeting security, and much more. Sign up to stay informed.

We will cover additional new features that were announced during Ignite when they reach general availability.

In Conclusion

The feature deployment of the Microsoft 365 Platform comes in many waves, across multiple tenants, and in different phases. Microsoft has many phased release cycles for their environments. The features are more for the enterprise environment, and the governance tenants may vary on the release. You can access the full Microsoft 365 Roadmap here.

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Karen is a Microsoft Teams Administrator, Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist, Business Analyst, and User Experience Architect with over 20 years of experience.

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