5 New Updates to Microsoft Teams | March 2022

By: Johnny Lopez | March 15, 2022

This month we noticed several new Microsoft Teams enhancements designed to ensure a better user experience. In this feature update, we will highlight new General Availability features and explain how they benefit your day-to-day work. Also, we noticed that a few items from previous months were moved back on the deployment schedule roadmap. These are covered at the end of this blog.  

1. Automated Webinar Invite

Microsoft Webinar is part of the Microsoft Teams meeting features. Today when you complete the registration process for the webinars, the webinar process sends you an email confirmation but the invite to the webinar contains a .ICS calendar file. This will not show up on your calendar until you download and save it. This new feature will save you time by adding the webinar you registered for directly to your calendar.

2. Chat Filter for Non-Meeting Chats

The Microsoft Teams chat filter currently allows you to only filter chats by name, unread, meeting, or muted conversations. There will be a new chat filter within the Chat app which filters out meeting chats and chats with bots. It will also let you filter by one-on-one and group chats to help you quickly get to your one-on-one chats without all the meeting chat clogging up your conversation feed.

3. Microsoft Forms Integration with Microsoft Bookings

In Microsoft Bookings you can request customer information via a data input form at the time the customer is booking the appointment. You can create a text or drop-down question which can be limiting by what type of information is requested for the customer. Coming soon this month, you will be able to associate Forms templates to Booking services to send forms for data intake from attendees prior to joining a Booking appointment.

4. LinkedIn Integration in Teams

Available today in Microsoft 365 Outlook user profile, user profiles can integrate with LinkedIn to show potential LinkedIn profiles based on their colleagues or customers’ information. This is done in the Microsoft 365 profile / contact card (as shown in the images below). Coming soon, users will be able to see LinkedIn profiles of their colleagues in 1:1 chat. The LinkedIn profile is available via the LinkedIn tab in the 1:1 chat panel. 

5. Contextual Reactions

Participants in Whiteboard Teams and on the Web will be able to add contextual reactions to sticky notes to non-verbally express their emotions. These contextual reactions will have a counter, and users will also be able to view the list of participants who have reacted – as well as the reaction provided.

Updates on Reschedules

Microsoft will occasionally reschedule features to fit their deployment timeline. This section will cover any updates from our previous blogs that were rescheduled. Click on the URLs below to see the roadmap item update.

  • Co-organizer Meeting Role | Feature ID 81391 – Still in Development
  • Auto-Expiration of Meeting Recordings stored on OneDrive and SharePoint | Feature ID 84580 – Still in Development
  • Pin chat messages | Feature ID 82584 – Launched
  • Notifications During Meetings| Feature ID 87452 – Still Rolling out
  • Pairing the channel and the corresponding SharePoint folder name | Feature ID 72211– Still in Development
  • Home Page Customization for Teams Admin Center | Feature ID 85703 – Still in Development

In Conclusion

The feature deployment of the Microsoft 365 Platform comes in many waves, across multiple tenants, and in different phases. Microsoft has many phased release cycles for their environments. The features are more for the enterprise environment, and the governance tenants may vary on the release. You can access the full Microsoft 365 Roadmap here.

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Article by: Johnny Lopez

Johnny Lopez is a Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Certified Trainer for the Core BTS Modern Workplace team. He is a passionate evangelist who delivers his professional experiences, technical expertise, and real-world Microsoft 365 content services and Power Platform experience to the technology communities.

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