Author: Modern Applications Team

.NET MAUI and the Future of Xamarin 

At the 2020 Microsoft Build Conference, they announced .NET MAUI as the next evolution to Xamarin.Forms. Here's what it means to your cross-platform development.

Funding a Value Stream vs. a Project

Funding a value stream will keep development in progress, maintain openness to change, and empower your development team to continually deliver business value.

How DevOps and Agile Promote Speed to Market

Employing DevOps and Agile practices on your development team, or working with a partner who does, can finish your project faster than other methodologies.

React Native vs. NativeScript: A Cross-Platform Viability Analysis

Which mobile cross-platform tool is best for your project? Here we analyze the pros and cons of React Native vs NativeScript so you can make the best decision.

Why We Develop Mobile Apps with Prism for Xamarin

The clean and maintainable code, easy testing, and time savings of this pairing has streamlined our cross-platform mobile app development.

WinForms Fluid Design – A Cautionary Tale

WinForms come with many features that can make fluid design quite simple, but there's a trick to it.

Why You Should Manage Mobile Devices with Intune

With multiple MDM providers flooding the market, Microsoft Intune remains a solid choice for securing devices in a corporate environment.