Author: Adam Widi

Adam Widi is a Senior Solution Architect in Data Analytics with over 15 years of experience in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. In his spare time, he enjoys dabbling in machine learning and data science tools and online courses.

How to Find, Train, and Empower Citizen Data Scientists

Citizen data scientists help fill the gap in data talent - giving businesses the data talent so sorely needed to use AI and ML to solve business problems.

Data Granularity Challenges with the Power BI Google Analytics Connector

The Google Analytics connector for Power BI lets you to build a dataset consuming data from your GA solution, but it comes with unique challenges and solutions.

Sales Forecasting using Azure Machine Learning

Now that I have a general understanding of Machine Learning, and a concept to try, I’m ready to get started. ML studio comes loaded with many different samples.

An Exercise in Excel’s Cube Functions

Excel Pivot tables are a great way to view and analyze cube data in an ad-hoc nature and also satisfy simple reporting requirements.