Data Transformation
Summit 2020

July 14

A Fully Digital Experience

For this event, we are leveraging a fully digital platform. All session will be livestreamed straight to your device in our virtual auditorium.

But that’s not all! Each of our technology partners will have their own virtual booth which you can visit to download white papers, view videos and even video chat live with them!

Event Hightlights

Join industry experts alongside Core BTS technology experts as they discuss the shifting data infrastructure landscape. The Data Transformation Summit is a fully virtual, half day summit with a goal to help you navigate around the complexities of building a modern hybrid infrastructure.

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Networking with IT security professionals

Core Virtual Hall

Technical expert sessions

Virtual Booths

Partner Showcase with our IT industry leading partners


corebts leadership team member dan clarke headshot

Dan Clarke

Core BTS

Andy Martin_Pure_Keynote

Andy Martin

Pure Storage

Tim Shanahan_Cisco_Keynote

Tim Shanahan


corebts leadership team member david rodriguez headshot

David Rodriguez

Core BTS

Rick Gay_PureStorage_Technical

Rick Gay

Pure Storage


Jay Zitcovich


IMG_0322 2

Justin Wray

Core BTS

Brian Vecci

Brian Vecci


Eric Rose_Cisco_Technical

Eric Rose


Eric Dougherty_Veeam_Technical

Eric Dougherty


Brad Faas_Cohesity

Brad Faas


Data Transformation Summit Partners


Can we access the platform prior to the sessions starting

Yes!  The platform will be open at 10:00 AM EDT with the first session starting at 11:00 AM EDT

If we have technical issues with the platform the day of, who do we reach out to?

You can go to the Help Desk in the lobby and an Engagez rep will be there to assist you.

Where will we be able to see the recordings of the sessions when they are over?

We will keep the platform open until July 21st, where you will be able to find all the recordings in the Auditorium.  We will also be sharing them out individually after the event on our social media pages (have links to both LinkedIn and Twitter)

How do we talk to the sponsors the day of the event?

You can go to the Exhibit Hall and click on the booth of the sponsor that you would like to talk to.  Feel free to chat or video call with them!

How will we know if we won a prize?

We will be notifying the individuals by email if you have one any of the prizes.