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CEO Year Review

A Year in Review: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

As we enter March 2021, my first year as Chief Executive Officer of Core BTS is coming to an end. Today, we are a ...
Data Scientists

How to Find, Train, and Empower Citizen Data Scientists

Advertisements for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools have been on the rise in recent years. This has raised awareness of and ...
Marketing team

Is Marketing a Tax for a Poor Product?

A couple of years ago at a CMO conference, one of the speakers shared the perspective that, “marketing is the tax that companies pay ...
Remote employee on video call

Why BAs Must Carefully Consider Authentication and Authorization

Authentication and authorization are terms commonly used on technology projects and within IT teams. However, their meaning and application are often misunderstood and misrepresented. ...
software testing

Why I Stopped Testing My Code (and You Should Too)

I confess that the title of this blog post is clickbait. I feel a little ashamed that I've stooped so low to get your attention. ...
Starry sky with trees

Power BI Tips for Star Schema and Dimensional Data Modeling

Using a dimensional data model, especially when scaling enterprise data models and data sets in Power BI, can be exceptionally important to maximize performance ...
microsoft windows keyboard

.NET MAUI and the Future of Xamarin 

At the 2020 Microsoft Build Conference, the company announced .NET MAUI as the next evolution to Xamarin.Forms. This move comes as Microsoft looks to ...
Mountains and clouds

Azure Tips & Tricks: Preventing Headaches with Cosmos Document IDs

An alternate title for this blog post could be, "Learn from other people's mistakes so you don't repeat them". The following simple tip regarding ...
Fork in road

Using Tabular Editor’s Best Practice Analyzer to Apply Best Practices

In this blog, Scott Hietpas and Cory Cundy – two principal consultants on Core BTS’ Data team – explore the advantages of using Tabular ...
Developer typing code on laptop

Developer Playbook for Getting Started with DevOps

The buzzword to end all buzzwords: “DevOps”. It’s a term that’s taken the software industry by storm over the past few years, but even ...
Ice formation in water

The Advantages of Using Tabular Editor for Tabular Model Development

In this blog, Scott Hietpas and Cory Cundy – two principal consultants on Core BTS' Data team – explore the advantages of using Tabular ...
Woman at starting line

Manager Playbook for Getting Started with DevOps

Agile practices and DevOps practices are highly complementary. As organizations have adopted agile practices, they have found that automating the software development pipeline enables their ...

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